Mar 23, 2017
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Could These Be The Dumbest Drivers Ever?

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25 amazing photos of the dumbest but most hilarious drivers from weird accidents to bizarre parking to the funniest car fails ever!

14. Boat Bridge
Need a convenient way to get from the docks to your to your boat? Just use your car! That’s what this person decided to try but they’re going to have little difficulty trying to unlodge it What would your solution be to get the car back to land without it falling?

13. Intense Parallel Parking
Someone out there has some serious parallel parking skills and managed to fit in this tight space. They better hope the person decides to leave before they do or it could get a little bit messing trying to get out!

12. Window Sneak
A lot of people probably remember trying to sneak through their friends window late at night so their parents wouldn’t find out. This car tried the same thing and it clearly didn’t work. Looks ike it was caught red handed or uh,. doored it looks like it’ll be grounded for quite some time!

11.Gas Lead
Not everyone out there is intelligent enough to operate a 2,000 pound piece of heavy machinery. This person completely forgot the gas nozzle was still being held in his gas tank before taking off! A small lapse of concentration while driving an automobile, can result in much destruction and in this case the destruction of a gas station.

10. Heads Up
Gol! Driving can already seem difficult enough. We really shouldn’t have to worry about giant soccer balls landing on top of us! It’s going to take a little bit more than just buffering to get that out. This person must be having a really bad day!

9. A Little Bit Tipsy
Are cars just falling from the sky or something? It just came out of nowhere! This one seems to really make no sense at all and how it could just stand up like that is simply baffling. It doesn’t even look like the tip is that deep in the snow or anything!

8. T-Bone
In this photo, we see a 3 way T-Bone which makes this car look like it’s doing a handstand. This is why drinking and driving is bad folks! You only imagine how terrified the car in the middle must be! Staring down at the ground, with basically no way to get out! Luckily, firefighters are there to help out with the situation.

7. Fat Duck Surprise
This Chinese restaurant got quite the surprise when a hungry driver of a van came crashing through their window. Working at a restaurant already seems tough enough, but having to deal with crazy drivers coming in, can’t make it any easier. Maybe they should just open up a drive through

6. Massive Pile Up!
You thought traffic going to work was difficult, you never saw this photo before. This street has some serious congestion and you’re most likely going to have to call and tell your boss you’re running late if you even come across something looking like this!

5. Driving on the Beach
Let’s go for a drive on the beach, they said. It’ll be fun they said! Little did they know a storm would hit leaving their car in serious need a lifeguard. Most cars are really going to need some type of paved surface to drive on. How they made this far on the sand is still quite intriguing. Keep your mercedes in the suburbs where they belong! This 80000 dollar luxury car, got severely damaged and it was certainly no easy task getting it towed! Hopefully this just didn’t happen after filling up a full tank, or that would really add to the damage!

4. Mind the Tides
If you do decide to drive on the beach like some of these driving challenged people, be sure to mind the tide. This photo was taken on a beach in North Carolina and the owner of this truck and trailer are going to be having a really bad memorial day weekend! Let this just be a reminder, that if you’re going to be driving on the beach, keep in mind, this could happen to you!

3. Out of Control
You might have thought your significant other was a bad driver but after seeing this photo you might not think they’re that bad. This Saturn LS became lodged into the side of a construction company building in Plainville, Connecticut. It’s easy to see why cops thought the driver must have been on some kind of drugs or had been drinking. Cars shouldn’t just stick out like that! The car became airborne and struck the side of the building like you could imagine!

2. GPS Fail
Driving around in Canada can be quite difficult at times. Just ask this person, who drove 100 feet into the Ontario Lake in May 2016. Foggy conditions caused her to follow GPS. We’re sure it didn’t tell her to take a right turn into the lake but you never know! Luckily she survived the freezing conditions.

1.No Talking and Driving!
Many dumb drivers will be found trying to text and drive and that can be just as bad as drinking and driving if not worse. But either way, this guy really needs to get a smaller phone, or a cop is easily going to be pulling him over!

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