Apr 27, 2016
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Dubai’s Nap Bar to Catch Some ZZZ’s on the Go

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Now this bar is something different. You don’t got there to drink and socialize but rather to nap. Now this is our kind of happy hour. Smarin, a France-based furniture studio, created a popup “nap bar” in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates last month as a way for residents to snag some rest for an hour or two during the day.

The nap bar visitors were encouraged to recharge in a transformed warehouse — for free, by the way — by ditching their devices and closing their eyes. The company equipped the dreamy space with their specially-designed lounge chairs, soft lighting and music, herbal tea and luxury pillows.

Stphanie Marin/smarin

The company is just one of many who recognizes the benefits of a good snooze on a large scale. Research shows logging a few Zs in the middle of the workday is a performance enhancer. Naps can help increase alertness and boost employee productivity. Not to mention the fact that people who are well-rested are better able to regulate their emotions, make healthier choices and are at a lower risk for disease.

Stphanie Marin/smarin

While the location was only open for a limited time, it makes us hopeful that other areas across the world — and here at home — will continue to find innovative ways to prioritize a little rest during the day. A nap bar is certainly a creative way to start. And quite honestly, we’d take this kind of bar over a regular bar any day.

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