Jan 27, 2016
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Do You Bathe Your Kids Everyday?

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Rubber Ducky

After a long day at work you come home to a whole bunch of chores and responsibilities you need to take care of as well. A lot of working mothers, whether it be a full time of part time job, find there isn’t enough time or hours in a day to complete most tasks to their satisfaction.

With that being said, when it comes to that time of day ( more so the night), when you need to prepare your child for bed, you ask the question…. should I bathe him/her ? Or do you tell yourself it will be fine to skip one night without a bath? Or are you one of the many parents out there who will be overwhelmed with guilt if you don’t bathe your child every night? 

The key part in all of this mostly lies in the hands of your child. Are they the type that enjoys bath time? Or are they at the age where they have grown to realize bath time is a distraction from the much more fun activities they would rather be doing? This is where the struggle begins and the parent asks themselves if the effort is even worth it? 

Every parent has their own opinion on this debate, but will you change your mind after reading this article? Decide for yourself. Read Full Article. 

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