May 13, 2016
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Disneyland Getting Rid Of Iconic Staple

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DisneylandIt’s the end of an era, friends! As technology advances, it seems we’re constantly moving away from the good old days. Lately, it seems as though we’re always saying goodbye to our childhood reminders. How sad is that! It’s Disney who’s going all bittersweet on us this time. If you’re a true Disneyland or Disney World fan, you’ll definitely understand the importance of Disney Dollars. Park visitors and even Disney Store shoppers are able to use the cash like real money. The bills are decorated with familiar characters and monuments and are light years cuter than regular money.

Get ready to shed some tears today. As of May 14, the parks will be getting rid of their iconic currency. Collectors! There is only one day left! Now is your time to stock up on these soon-to-be souvenirs. WDW News reported the changes today, noting that they’ve been around since 1987. You probably already know, as a fan, that Disney Dollars don’t expire, so if you have some laying around, don’t panic. They’ll still be accepted as they are now at Disney parks and stores, they just won’t be producing or selling any additional bills after Saturday. Because of the popularity of gift cards and digital money, Disney thought it best to discontinue the currency. Talk about out with the old, in with the new.

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