Apr 1, 2016
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Man Photobombs Celebrity Photos – See How He Did It

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Talking about photobombing, this dude here has appeared in numerous celebrity photos. How did he do it? Patrick Thorendahl, better known as Peeje T., has a unique approach to getting close to the stars and celebrities he loves. Instead of elbowing through crowds or entering packed arenas to catch a distant glimpse of larger-than-life personalities, he cozies up to them personally through the magic of Photoshop.

Peeje uses the program to digitally manipulate himself into pictures with all kinds of Hollywood stars, pop sensation and famous athletes. What makes the pictures even better, however, is that most of them put Peeje in awkward or even scandalous situations.

He seems to be infatuated with Hollywood beauties Kim Kardashian and Beyonce – he’s created quite a few images of himself spending romantic times together while their husbands scowl jealously from the sidelines.

We’re not the only ones that find his pictures funny – he has over 110,000 followers on Instagram and over 11,000 on Twitter. Check out his photos below!

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