Mar 21, 2017
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The Most Bizarre Images on the Internet

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Here are some of the most insane and weirdest pictures on the internet from bizarre photoshops of scary horses to freaky statues & bad parents.

11. Sometimes people on photoshop take things too far. This is a perfect example of that. Who even spares the time to take a picture of a horse and turn it into a demon only suited for the black depths of hell. This horse looks wrong in so many ways that it is truly frightening. It is recommended to not show this image to your kids, it may induce night-mares, no pun intended. Okay yes, the pun was intended.

10. This particularly strange image is a blobfish, which is a real animal. It looks so bizarre that it seemed a perfect fit for this list and it is one of the few things on it that is not photoshopped. Yes, this strange fish actually looks like that, with a large nose-like structure and small beady eyes, it is one of the most peculiar looking animals in the animal kingdom.

Bad Parents? Probably.
9. Who would let their kid mount an alligator? This seems extremely unsafe, and perhaps someone should take on for the team and call Child Protective Services on this family. That is, of course, assuming that this is just some wild alligator hanging out on their porch. Perhaps it is the family alligator and this kid as raised with it. In that case, this may be all right, but now the question is raised, why do you own an alligator in the first place. This seems like a pretty dangerous pet.

Tusken Raider Babies
8. This is an exceptional use of photoshop. It combines and old-style black and white family photo with some of the most entertaining aliens in Star Wars, the Tusken Raiders. These sand people make strange sounds that sound a lot like the braying of a donkey, and it is hard not to laugh while imagining these children making that very sound. Whoever created this photo should be applauded.

Strange Sculpture
7. This is a strange sculpture that just showed up one day on a Seattle street corner, and everyone has seen it has been wholly weirded out by it. The artist is unknown, and it seems to depict a little boy wrapped in mesh or fishnet with part of his body lying on the ground next to him. Some artists are inspired by bizarre ideas, and this is an example of that.

6. This is a strange statue if there ever was one. This statue depicts a man kicking and punching multiple babies, sending them flying through the air. For what purpose this statue was made is unknown, but if a guess had to be made, the artist may have had an abnormal attraction to domestic violence.

You’ve got a few extra legs there.
5. Some bizarre photos are self-explanatory. This one is anything but that. It depicts legs hanging from this ladies dress that does not seem to be hers as they seem to be too small. Perhaps they are her child’s. However, that raises the question, why is her child inside of her dress. Maybe this was considered in good taste at the time the photo was taken, but this seems to be a bit inappropriate for a picture with your child.

Bizarre Underwater Find
4. What you see in this image, at first looks like a bunch of long sunken bodies holding hands. However, they are not people, but instead they are statues found under the Caribbean sea. There are over 500 of them and they are one of the most bizarre sights above and below water as people still come to photograph and study them to this day. Some people have been calling them the Weeping Angels which is something from the science fiction show Doctor Who. In the show you can’t blink while looking at these statues or you could be in for a very unpleasant surprise.

3. This image is a strange one. It shows an octopus on what appears to be a dissection tray. However, instead of being dissected, it looks as if this mollusk is the one ready to do the dissecting. Someone may have made this image for simple laughs, but it also has the quality of making a statement to the effect of looking through the eyes of things that we eat and dissect. How would you feel if this little guy wanted to cut you up?

Bizarre Swordplay
2. Some people do weird things with their bodies, like the man in this photo. He has stuck two swords through his cheeks in an extreme example of strange forms of body modification. There are many types of bizarre body modification out there, but the swords and knives through the face are some of the most cringe-worthy and intense ones.

1. This first picture is of a man named Graham. He is not a real man, and he certainly has a very unusual appearance. The reasoning behind his strange appearance is a very significant one. Australia’s Transport Accident Commission has made this “concept human” with the idea of showing how a human would have to be built to be resistant to impact damage such as car crashes. Graham is the ultimate crash proof person.

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