Ever Wonder When The Best Time to Post on Reddit Is? Check It Out

When’s the best time to post on Reddit? Turns out it’s 7 PM on a Monday night. It’s hard to game popularity on the internet — just ask the #brands — but according to one user who’s been analyzing submissions for the past 75 weeks, when it comes to Reddit, there’s a world of difference between posting on a Monday night and, say, a Saturday afternoon.

Working off of personally collected data, a redditor by the name of minimaxir combed through link submissions and isolated the ones that had “gone viral,” by receiving over 3000 karma points or more.

minimaxir / Via reddit.com

Some patterns seem to match up with what we already know about our internet habits. As with online news articles, email click-throughs, and banner ad clicks, weekends are mostly dead zones, with some activity on Sunday afternoons. Somewhat surprisingly, Mondays — especially the evenings — are by far the highest probability time slot for a post to blow up.

The data also shows that Redditors tend to check out early on both Wednesday and Friday afternoons and that pretty much anything submitted between midnight and 6 AM is doomed to obscurity (broadly speaking, of course).

Here’s minimaxir’s breakdown of 3000+ karma posts per day:

Sunday 12.55
Monday 17.47
Tuesday 16.44
Wednesday 14.05
Thursday 14.43
Friday 12.94
Saturday 8.64

While it’s not official data, it’s a reasonably comprehensive look, made all the more interesting by the fact that Reddit’s trends are often indicative of internet behavior as a whole.

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