Apr 9, 2017
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Best Products Parents Must Own

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Here are the top 14 must have baby & child products all parents should have, from a video baby monitor to GPS smart soles!

8. Scooter Stroller
Are you a mom on the go and tired of your kid slowing you down by having to push them around all the time? Do you feel like getting your kid out of the house and being a little sportive at the same time? You should maybe consider getting the Scooter Stroller! It’s much faster, recreational and you can realize how much fun being a mom truly is! Ok so it turns out this one is just a concept design and we’re sure no parents would truly buy this… Or would they?

7. Vibrating Mattress Pad
Your kids are probably used to moving around due to the fact that things tend to shake when you’re living inside a uterus. Unless you were just kind of lazy during pregnancy. But in any case, the vibrating mattress pad is supposed to recreate some of the movements your baby experienced while in the womb. This thing known as the lull-vibe from Munchkin is battery operated and slips under your baby’s crib during the night. The vibrations help the kid ease life of the outside and probably give them a gentle massage in the process. This should be enough to help them slip into unconsciousness for a while, hopefully. Maybe it’ll even work good for yourself too.

6. Smart Soles
As your kids get older you have to start worrying about the boogie men coming to kidnap them, or them getting lost in a well, or other things of this nature. Now with the invention of the smart sole, you can now know where your kids are at all times and to see if they’re lying to you or not about studying at friend’s house! The GPS smartsole, fits in comfortably in your kids shoes and is meant to be noninvasive. The parents would receive updates with their smart phones on your kids locations. In some ways this seems like a good invention which might even allow kids to have more freedom in the long run. This is also recommended for alzheimer’s disease or anyone who might potentially wander off into the unknown.

5. Seat Separation
This dad here from Germany gets a medal for coming up with one of the best ways to keep his kids from fighting and yelling at eachother. Parents understand how having space in cars can be an important asset when raising kids. But sometimes it’s just best for kids to have their own space. He basically put up 2 dividers in his van to keep his triplets under control. He claims that dealing with this kids in the car is absolutely exhausting but since he put up the dividers, peace has returned. Jake White posts quite a few things that’ll help with parenting on his facebook page.

4. Classical Music
Parents who are still pregnant and looking for a great way to increase their child’s intelligence while still in the womb. Classical music could be the way to go. No one knows for sure exactly if this works but research shows that fetuses can hear and react to sound when moving. Newborns can recognize music their parents played for them in the womb. Younger children seem to benefit from music all around enjoy the rhythm. So it could be true for fetuses if ultrasounds have already proven them having a reaction. While it’s still hypothetical that fetuses can benefit from classical music, it should certainly increase cognitive development in kids whose brains are still developing.

3. Swaddles
Are you looking for some kind of snuggie for your kid that’ll keep them warm at night and could possibly help them get better sleep at night? Swaddles aren’t a miracle sleeping bag but they should help your baby from squirming around too much and from crying. So in the long run, it should help you get better sleep as well. Even if they can help them sleep just a little extra each night, it will be well worth it once you get some much needed shut eye!

2. Footie Pajamas
While santa is doing some shopping for the newborns or even toddlers, don’t forget to notice the footie pajamas on the Christmas list. While they might be too young to tell you what they need for Christmas, what kid doesn’t absolutely love a great pair of footy pajamas! We’re sure if it was socially acceptable there’d be a lot of adults wearing these as well. This can also keep your kids safe since they’re fitted with slip resistant footing. Don’t worry, they’re loose fitting and have room for diapers. The main reason you should get them though, is because kids look adorable in them.

1.The Child Safety Harness
This is basically a more politically correct word for the child leash! Staying attached to your kid is easy with the child safety harnesses. Whether you’re at the mall or at an airport, these handy devices will make sure your kids won’t bolt off into the vans of strangers or lose them in a crowded place. Many parents love being able to have these and they can rest assured, if their kid begins misbehaving they won’t run away!

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