Apr 4, 2017
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Best Drone Photos Ever Captured on Film

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You won’t believe that amazing photos taken by drones from around the world, from amazing wedding shots to crazy fireworks!

# 16 Cable Beach
This is a photo of camels traveling along Cable Beach, in Western Australia. It was taken by Todd Kennedy who drove a 4WD 8,000 kilometers (4,970 miles) around the outback of Australia with their drone and luggage. They found a sunset camel tour coincidentally and used their drones to capture a beautiful image of the drop shadows of the camels and their riders.

# 15 Swarm
Dronestagram user Szabolcs Ignacz was driving in his car along a rural road when he noticed a herd of sheep in the distance. He happened to be traveling with his drone, so he set it up and launched it to take a shot when he noticed the sheep had gotten into a weird formation.

# 14 Athens, Greece
Photographer Rizikianos used a drone to capture this wintery moment in Athens, Greece. It looks like a moment straight out of a high fantasy movie. His caption read “Dreams: Frozen”.

# 13 Dhaka, Bangladesh
Zayed H. used his drone to fly above the fog in Dhaka, Bangladesh to capture the cityscape, but most of it was obscured in the thick weather. It creates an eerie photo reminiscent of imagery from Silent Hill.

# 12 Chugach Mountain Range, Alaska
This photo from Tj Balon captured his friend Jason Bilek up in the Chugach Mountain Range of Cordova, Alaska. The two hiked up to a giant mountain face they called Buzzy’s. Bilek slid down the slope which rests at about a 45-50 degree angle creating a very fun run and also a great photo-op for a drone.

# 11 Summer Garden in Saint Petersburg
Amos Chapple believes that even the old and natural places can have an interesting new perspective with new technology like drones. Chapple got this aerial shot of the Summer Garden in central Saint Petersburg, taking a new look on the city’s oldest park.

# 10 Hermitage Pavilion, Saint Petersburg
Amos Chapple caught this scene of the Hermitage Pavilion, Saint Petersburg as the sun was setting into the horizon. The resulting image was this glorious sun-soaked landscape.

# 9 Sagrada Familia
Amos Chapple also captured this aerial photo of the Sagrada Familia and the surrounding area of Barcelona, Spain. You can visualize the urban planning and grid on a map with the lines created by the buildings and streets.

# 8 Fireworks
Videographer Jos Stiglingh used his drone to fly through fireworks and capture footage of fireworks up close and personal. It turns the spectacle which we usually have to watch from yards and yards away into a 3D experience. This is a still from the footage captured by the drone.

# 7 The Tamul Waterfall
The Tamul Waterfall in Mexico is known for being enormous, standing at 105 meters or 344 feet tall. The height and crystal clear waters make it a popular spot for tourists and is probably why this photo from Postandfly became the most popular post on Dronestagram in 2014.

# 6 Beach Aerial
Karolis Janulis was on a road trip to Gran Canaria Island in Spain, where she captured aerial shots of what many say is one of the most amazing beaches in the world.

# 5 Stadium Fireworks
A photographer who goes by the username Icefire on Dronestagram used a drone to capture this amazing shot from above of one stadium in Sofia, Bulgaria. These fireworks were shot in celebration of the 100th anniversary of two of the biggest soccer teams in Bulgaria.

# 4 Xiwei Reservoir
A photographer known as Ambrose Lune captured a photo of himself lounging in the tall grass in the Xiwei Reservoir. While fishermen were catching game in the reservoir and farmers were harvesting grain nearby, this photographer pulled out his drone to capture the idyllic scene.

# 3 Wedding Aerial Shot
To make their wedding photos even more memorable, these newlyweds decided to utilize a drone to take their photographs. The result was a unique photo like this one that makes their wedding stand out from the rest.

# 2 Best Drone Photo in the World
This photo won the best Drone photo on the world in a Dronestagram photo contest. It’s the first place winner in the category for travel, won by Francesco Cattuto from Assisi, Italy. He was out on a walk on a foggy day and launched his drone to take this image of The Basilica of St. Francis.

# 1 Soaring Eagle
Dronestagram user Capungaero won the site’s National Geographic-sponsored competition in 2014. It won best drone photo of the year for utilizing drone technology not to just capture an aerial shot of the landscape but capture this candid of a soaring eagle.

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