May 14, 2016
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Army Veteran Completes 26 Marathons After Losing Leg

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This Man’s story is such an inspiration to many people. This US Veteran lost his leg serving in Afghanistan after a rocket-propelled grenade hit his patrol. Following his injury, he endured months of physical rehabilitation and had to cope with psychological trauma. 

Many people in his same scenario would have given up  and would not be able to cope with such a loss. But there are thousands of service men and women that have lost limbs serving our country. Thankfully, with the help of an organization called Achilles International, which brings volunteers and disabled runners together to participate in mainstream races, this Veteran has become a competitive athlete. Achilles has special programs for all ages, and the Achilles “Freedom Team” meets the specific needs of wounded members of the U.S. military through the use of hand cycles.

Since losing his leg, the US Veteran has completed 26 marathons and is currently training to make the Paralympic team in Rio. How amazing is that! Watch the video and see how touching his story really is. 

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