Nov 30, 2015
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iPhone Owner Claims Apple Wiped Away His Life

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Keeping too much of your personal life on your electronic devices is not always a good thing. You never know what can happen to your device. You could lose it, it could fail, or in the case of a London man it was wiped clean by Apple.

If you do feel you need to keep all your photos, videos and contacts on your phone then you should at least back that information up on another device. Now the London man name White is filing a law suit against Apple claiming that they wiped his life away. This should be interesting how it plays out in court. Here’s the full story:

A London man will meet Apple in court to argue the company “wiped away his life,” after taking a faulty iPhone into an Apple Store, where the device was reset and the contents erased. Deric White, 68, spoke to The Sun newspaper in the U.K., saying he is demanding £5,000 (that’s just over $7,500) compensation from Apple, due to the lose of photos and contacts.

White went into more detail, telling The Sun, “My life was saved on that phone,” describing photos and video saved from his honeymoon, including his, “favorite video of a giant tortoise biting my hand on honeymoon in the Seychelles.” He also states the phone contained 15 years worth of collected contacts.

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The situation arose when White began receiving messages saying there was a fault on his iPhone 5 — it’s not said exactly what the fault or messages were — and visited the Apple Store on Regent Street in London, one of the UK’s busiest Apple Stores. After examining the phone, staff declared it was fixed, and given back to White. Except all the data had been erased.

According to White, it was only then he was asked if the phone had been backed up, and the data saved elsewhere. Although The Sun’s report doesn’t explicitly say so, it must be assumed from the fuss that White did not have a backup stored on his computer, iCloud, or another service. “My wife was in tears and I started crying when I realized what had gone,” White is quoted as saying.

Apple isn’t taking any responsibility at this stage, and says White, “has not demonstrated how he suffered any loss.” White wants to use the £5,000/$7,508 compensation — should he emerge victorious — to take a second honeymoon. However, it’s unknown whether he’ll be able to find and entice the same giant tortoise to bite his hand again.

In the meantime, White, and anyone else with precious data stored on a mobile device, should take a moment to ensure it’s all backed up somewhere else.


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