There’s Gold in Them Thar iPhones

It’s no wonder that Apple are so keen for us to recycle our old phones – it turns out they’ve managed to recovera ton of gold from old iPhones, iPads and Macs.

And when we say a ton, we mean literally, a ton.

That amount of gold (used in Apple products as an electricity conductor) is worth millions, and – to add to it – the tech giantshavealso managed to salvage 3,000 kilos of silver.

(Unfortunately for those of us with an old phone knocking around in a drawer somewhere, each iPhone probably only has about1.28 worth of gold in it.)

Now, instead of spending these millions on – say – their next staff night out, Apple is hoping to reusethe recycled materials.

They’rereally pushing to be environmentally friendly at the moment – Fortune reports that 93% of the energy used by the company is renewable, and 99% of their product packaging is made from recycled materials – and sosalvaging materials from old phonesis the next logical step.

In a statement, Apple said:

“Through our efforts, weve kept more than 597 million pounds of equipment out of landfills since 1994.

In 2015, we collected nearly 90 million pounds of e-waste through our recycling programs. Thats 71% of the total weight of the products we sold seven years earlier.”

They’ve introduced a new initiative by which people can recycle their old devices, and a robot called Liam will de-assemble them. Fair play to them for being so environmentally friendly.

Article Source: Hellou