Dec 18, 2015
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Unbelievable Anamorphic Illusions – Crazy Mind Tricks

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These anamorphic illusions are just down right crazy. It’s amazing how our brains work and how just the slightest distortion can cause our brain to think of something totally different in reality. In this video you will see some of the wildest illusions that will have you scratching your head for days. There is no trick editing or cuts. All of the objects are just prints, except for the objects that are off to the sides.

Amazing Anamorphic Illusions 2

Download the images and try it out! The original paper size should be 11 X 17. Be sure to print at 100%. Do not resize. If you don’t have 11 X 17, you can try scaling down the images to 8 1/2 X 11. But the results may not be as good.

Image 1:
Image 2:
Image 3:

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