Apr 15, 2017
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These Amazing Crimes Were Solved By Kids

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These plucky children have all assisted the police in some way or another – some endured a lot to assist them to capture some terrible people, and we commend and respect you for your bravery.

5 – Caught red handed…
At the age of 19, Bradley Willman developed a Trojan horse programme to uncover people involved with child porn online. Through his work, he was able to send around 70 people to prison. During this exercise, it was discovered that a prominent California judge had a massive amount of child porn on his pc, and his plans to seduce young boys. Unfortunately the entire operation is illegal, and it did end his crime-fighting days.

4 – Quick thinking…
Midsi Sanchez was just 7 years old when she was abducted whilst walking home from school. Her brother was about a block behind her so she was alone when it happened. He drove with Mindsi shackled to the car for 2 days, giving her nothing to eat and only beer and wine to drink. About 70 miles from where she was abducted, he parked the car. And got out, leaving the keys behind.

Quick thinking Midsi took the keys and managed to unlock the shackles and climb out the window, and flagged a truck. The guy tried to run after the girl, which gave the trucker a good look at his face. Police were able to arrest the man, also linked to another disappearance of a 7-year old and the murder of another. He died whilst serving his triple life sentences. Midsi is an advocate working with the disappearance of children.

3 – Solved by a kid…
Jessica Maple was just 12 years old, when she solved a case police couldn’t. Someone broke into her great granny’s place, and Jessica was convinced she could find the burglar, despite the police not being able to. She found clues the police didn’t pick up and ended up finding the furniture in a pawn shop. Once she identified the burglars, she went to the robber’s home with her mom and the guy actually confessed! Despite having all the evidence, no arrests were made.

2 – The truth will set you free…
In 2011 a pregnant woman went missing in Lecompte and just recently they finally made an arrest in the case. Pamela Causey Fregia was arrested and charged with 1st degree murder. Pamela had small children at the time, but was desperate to get her ex back, so told him she was pregnant. She wanted to steal the unborn baby from the woman she killed.

She lured her to her home with the promise of baby clothes. Pamela’s children knew what happened, but being minors were too afraid to tell anyone. When they came forward, police investigated the back garden and found the remains of the missing woman. The children were commended on their bravery for coming forward and telling police what their mom had done.

1 – Luck ran out…
That’s the case with this kidnapper. He kidnapped Erica ad held her hostage in an abandoned house. They were arranging ransom with her parents, when the plucky girl chewed the tape binding her. She crawled around in the dark until she found stairs leading to a door. She squeezed through the door and alerted some kids walking by, by screaming for help. Her kidnapper was arrested a few hours after that, and she escaped unharmed.

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