Allan Dixon’s Incredible Animal Selfies Captures Magic Moments

Allan Dixon Animal Selfie
PIC BY @DAXON / CATERS NEWS – (PICTURED: Allan Dixon takes selfie with quokka) This real-life Dr. Dolittle walks with the animals, talks with the animals, and… TAKES SELFIES with them. Traveller Allan Dixon has amassed a hilarious collection of shots with a variety of exotic creatures. Included in the 29-year-olds collection are smiling snaps with the likes of kangaroos, quokkas, camels and sea lions. In some of the shots, Allan, who is originally from Wicklow, Ireland, can even be seen in festive poses, placing a Santa hat on himself or his furry friends. – SEE CATERS COPY

Selfies have become a popular things these days but you probably haven’t seen them quite like Allan Dixon does em. He some how has been able to take these amazing pictures of himself and various animals creating the coolest selfies. I don’t know if these are real takes or some kind of trick photography but in any case they are absolutely incredible. See for yourself