Apr 2, 2016
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What The Hell Is This Bizarre Looking “Alien” Creature?

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What is this thing? Is it some kind of weird alien creature? If so this could finally prove that we are not alone. Continue reading to view the pictures and learn the real story behind this mystery.

Those of a genteel disposition, look away now. Although, if you’ve already seen the image, its probably too late. Yes, that image above is incredibly gross. At first glance, it looks like something disgustingly alien from another world. Facebook user Gianna Peponis from San Jose, California, discovered it in her garden yesterday and, after posting it to Facebook, it quickly went viral. It was also posted on Reddit by one of her friends, apparently.

I heard something scream at like 11:30 last night and went on my side yard and found this thing. It was dead when I found it, Peponis wrote in her post on Facebook, which has apparently since been deleted by the site.

The original post on Facebook.Gianna Peponis.

Many commenters were quick to link it to the mystery alien lights spotted in the skies above California over the weekend, which were later revealed to originate from a submarine test missile launch. Closer inspection, though, reveals the grisly explanation for the weird alien thing (to give it an official name).

It appears to be the remains of a deer fetus, one that has possibly been partially eaten by other animals. At the bottom you can clearly see two legs, while at the top are the possible remains of where the other legs used to be, and what looks like a mauled head.

A quick search for deer fetus (yes, that link is relatively NSFW) turns up similar looking creatures, but with their limbs and head intact. We can only presume that this poor sap was prematurely born, before being ravaged by predators. Yeah, ouch. At least its probably not aliens, though.

Dug From IFLScience.com – Mystery Alien Thing

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