Jul 5, 2016
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5 Most Common Types of Cancer and Their Symptoms

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Cancer is a deadly disease that affects an enormous amount of people every year. Treatments are touch and go, but detection is really the key so the treatments can be applied as quickly as possible. Here are common forms of cancer and the early warning signs to look for.

1. Breast Cancer

This is the most common non-skin type of cancer as 1 out of 8 women have chances of developing it. The main sign is a node in the breast tissue. Pain in the arms is another sign. Men also can get breast cancer and the same node in the breast tissue can be a sign of such as well as nipple discharge. Detected early, breast cancer can be treated.

2. Prostate Cancer

Located below the bladder, in front of the rectum, prostate glands in part are responsible for semen production. Prostate cancer can be treated when detected early. Diagnosis has helped greatly in successful treatment. Men over 50 should especially get a regular prostate check. Usual signs are blood in stool, erectile dysfunction and an ejaculation that is painful. 100 percent recovery can be had if detection is early.

3. Cervical Cancer

When cancer cells confine to the surface of the cervix and eventually spread to the uterus, pelvis walls, and lower vagina (eventually reaching the lungs and liver at final stages) thats when cervical cancer takes place.

Vaginal bleeding and pelvic pain are common signs while advance stage signs include weight loss, body pain and urine or faeces leakage from the vagina. Those twice as likely to get cervical cancer are women who have had two or more full-term pregnancies and those who had their first full-term pregnancy before 17.

While some types of sexual behavior may lead to this as well, the most common cause is infection of the cervix with human papillomavirus. A routine Pap test is the ideal way for early detection.

4. Oral Cancer

Oral cancer consists of swelling or thickening of lips or bumps that protrude on the lips. Red or white velvety or speckled patches in the mouth can also be a sign as the mouth may start to bleed for seemingly no reason.

For prevention and detection, regular oral hygiene is highly recommended as well as regular checkups. If you are a smoker you should especially be aware, since their is a higher risk for smokers.

5. Skin cancer

Basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma are the common types of skin cancer and they usually are easily visible, thus making chances of early detection really good.

Basically it comes down to melanoma or non melanoma as far as skin cancer goes. The non melanoma look like patches on the neck which are translucent. If on the chest it will be reddish brown and as it develops, crusty, bleeding skin will form.

The melanoma skin cancer will come through in moles, patches and any change in the texture of skin or the color. Any change in skin appearance should be looked at, even the most little change you should take serious.

The most important thing is early detection along with regular health checkups in order to catch cancer as quickly as possible so you can start treatment to get rid of it. Keep your health in check and be aware of any changes that take place. Prevention is very important and certainly better than having to go through treatments, especially in the late stages.

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