Feb 11, 2018
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27 Podcasts You Need To Listen To Now

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buzzfeed.comTired of listening to the same old podcasts? Here’s some fresh ones that deserve your time.

1. The Butterfly Effect – One of the best audio storytellers out there? Jon Ronson. The author crafts these fantastically addictive stories. His latest, which was for paying Audible subscribers but is now available on iTunes, is all about pornography. “It’s a relatively unbiased look at how free internet porn came about and what effect it has had on different portions of society,” said a reader. “Ronson’s interview technique is really good. It’s definitely worth a listen if you’re a fan of his books.” – Rachael, Facebook

2. The Secret Room – Dahlia Beta and Ben Hamm present a show full of confessions. “Each episode is exciting, fun, and deeply personal,” a reader told us. “It raises the fascinating question of why we keep secrets from those closest to us, yet will choose to share with an public audience of interested human strangers.” – Stella, Facebook

3. Museum Archipelago – Ian Elsner presents a podcast about a different museum each episode. “I love how it questions what we call a museum and what it means to display something in a museum,” said a fan. One of the latest episodes features an interview with the director of the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, a topic that actually is way more high-brow than you might first expect. – Ashira, email

4. The Gender Knot – Nastaran Tavakoli-Far and Jonathan Freeman present this well-thought-out podcast looking into the role of masculinity and femininity in the modern era, with a different question posed at the start of each episode. A reader told us: “They do a great job of breaking down modern female/male issues, which is super helpful for us white guys trying to be better humans.” – Daniel, email

5. Slow Burn: A Podcast About Watergate – You might hear the word “Watergate” in the news these days, or just the suffix “-gate” shoved on to a scandal of any sense, but do you know all the ins and outs of the incident itself? This Slate podcast, presented by Leon Neyfakh, breaks it all down in eight episodes. A reader said: “They don’t really say it, but the unspoken theme is the eerie parallels to today. Hooked.” – phebeh2

6. Ministry of Ideas – This great little podcast, from Harvard Divinity School, tries to work out the ideas that shape our world. A reader told us: “From race issues to selfies to meritocracy – beautifully produced and presented, and only 20 minutes long.” Recent guests have included Emily Nussbaum from the New Yorker and writer Tom Hodgkinson. – Nastaran, email

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