Dec 13, 2015
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25 Extremely Useful Kitchen Gadget Must Haves

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Everyone I know that loves to cook is always looking for that certain gadget to make their lives a lot easier in the kitchen. Let’s face it, time saved in the kitchen, is time gained with loved ones!

Here are some of the top gadgets you must have in your kitchen:

1. A Potato Ricer for making the smooth mashed potatoes of your dreams. You can also use one to make tomato sauce or fruit purees.

2. A Burger Press to make perfectly formed burgers which will make your burger night so much easier!

3. A Garlic Crusher is a game changer for sure and will make your life a lot easier when it comes to crushing garlic

4.  Phillips Viva Airfryer. It looks like it’s from Star Trek, cooks everything to a perfect crisp with no oil, and very easy to clean (everything is dishwasher safe). It’s the best kitchen appliance I’ve ever bought!”

5. Toilet Bowl Brush for your dishes. Dollar Tree toilet brushes are great for my dishes! They can swirl pots and cups clean so much more easily than the brushes made for dishes.

6. A Guillotine for safely slicing bagels in half. Once you use one you will never go back to cutting your bagel with a knife.

7. The NuWave makes cooking things way easier. Things don’t sit in their own fat and drippings, but the food is still juicy. If I’m making burgers, fries go on the top rack with burgers on the bottom, and it only takes about ten minutes for food I don’t feel guilty about.

8. Silicone Pad to help open jars or bottles is a lot less painful than using your bare hands to open these items.

9. Coffee Grinder… the Krups coffee bean grinder has been a soldier in the kitchen for a lifetime. Which sure beats chewing on leftover coffee beans.

10. A Slow Cooker is a definite lifesaver as well as time saver. Plus it’s not just for stews. You can bake cakes, roast meat that melts in the mouth, and make porridge to wake up to warm and already made on a cold frosty morning.

11. A Water Boiler which keeps your water hot and ready for your desired beverage when you are ready to enjoy them.

12. A counter top Dishwasher especially for small kitchens, this will be money well spent.

13. Presto Pizza Oven is a convenient tool to have in university. This food prepper takes up no space at all in your dorm or kitchen, and the results are wonderful.

14. A Veggetti is definitely a useful little gadget that won’t end up in the bottom cabinet with all the other useless kitchen gadgets. This item really works to give you healthier options and make your food fun!

15. Water Coolers have been around for years, and will continue to be for many more years. I can definitely see why. I absolutely love ice cold water on its own without having to use ice trays and the need to refill them is annoying.

16. A Nespresso Machine also known as your in-home barista. This machine is phenomenal and will cut back your visits to the local coffee shop, which in turn will save you money of course. Great investment!

17. A Tofu Press   I eat a lot of tofu and usually when you cook it, the first step is to press the water out—this process tended to involve wrapping the tofu in a towel, stacking heavy books on top of it and leaving it for a few hours… until I bought an actual tofu press online. My life has changed.

18. An Immersion Blender which is perfect for making soups, smoothies, dips and much more. This amazing gadget will save you so much time and effort, it will earn a spot on the kitchen counter!

19. Stand Up Mixer  when I bought my mixer, I thought I would end up using my KitchenAid stand mixer only for Holiday Baking, but I use it for everything: shredding chicken, mashing potatoes, slicing veggies… I got rid of my food processor and use only this. For all the time it saves, it was totally worth the investment.

 20. A Convention Oven is definitely worth your money. Since there’s only 2 of us in the house, it allows me to cook while using significantly less electricity. Not only does it save us money on our energy bill each month, it also cooks much faster than a larger oven.

21. Salad Shooter Electric Slicer/Shredder beyond slicing and dicing, this model can also grate, chop, and crumble. Makes life so much easier!

22. Cast Iron Skillets for someone who cooks all the time, my cast iron skillet has been the best thing I’ve ever bought. I use it all the time, and once it’s well seasoned it’s the best non-stick pan ever.

23. A Rotisserie Oven for cooking poultry, reheating sides and so much more. It can cook for up to three people and clean up is a breeze!

24. A Trusty Bottle Opener is definitely needed rather than fighting with the bottle to either open or end up with broken glass and your beverage all over the floor.

25. Batter Dispenser is such a lifesaver and great way to prevent waste and mess in your kitchen. Simply squeeze the handle to dispense the amount of batter you desire and that’s it! Easy peasy! 

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