Apr 14, 2017
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Must Have Products For Your Dorm Room

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Going to college can be stressful. We got you covered, make sure you share this video with the new high school graduate that is going to college this year!

#10 – The Bathroom Tote
As you will soon find out unless you have your own apartment, you’ll be sharing a bathroom with a lot of people. If you have ever carried all of your bathroom items with you into the bathroom before, you know clothes, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, loofah, towel, etc. it is a lot of stuff for you to try to carry all at once. Save yourself the trouble and buy a tote. They are relatively cheap and extremely useful.

#9 – Cleaning Up Your Mess
A hand vacuum is an essential tool you’ll need to help keep your dorm room clean. Plus, it’s handheld capabilities allow you to easily maneuver it and its small size allows you to stash it anywhere unlike a regular stand up vacuum. It may seem silly but you’ll never know who much you needed a vacuum until the day you move out.

#8 – Keep It Cool
This bladeless desktop fan is perfect for college life. It plugs into a USB port, and it’s small enough to stick almost anywhere. You can find this model at Bed Bath and Beyond for less than $20.

#7 – Organized Papers
Such an easy addition that adds so much organization to your dorm room. Not only should you use it for mail, but also for important calendars, dates and info sheets, and you can even have a separate slot for finished and unfinished homework and class assignments. All of that held in this tiny little dream. You can house it on your desk, nightstand, dresser or on a shelf, pretty much wherever.

#6 – The All-in-One Breakfast Machine
Extra space in a dorm room can be difficult to come by, especially if you get to share with roommates. Some clever people have made your breakfast time a little easier to handle with this all-in-one breakfast machine. You can brew your coffee, make some toast, scramble eggs or fry up some bacon all in one spot. Now there isn’t an excuse why you can’t have the most important meal of the day.

#5 – Google Chromecast
This nifty tech gadget brings the entertainment to you. The Google Chromecast stick uses your smartphone to stream Netflix, Youtube, and other content to your big screen. If you want, you can even stream Chrome browser tabs so you can complete that huge powerpoint on your flat screen rather than your smaller laptop screen. It’s the perfect item to bring to your friend’s dorm for an epic movie night.

#4 – Morning Brew
Coffee is a morning’s best friend especially if you have an early bird class to get to. The Keurig coffee maker can totally start your day off on the right foot. If you think the k-cups can get pricey, you can always the use your own grounds option by buying the refillable k-cups. You’ll also be able to drink any type of coffee you want; not just the selection the is offered through k-cups.

#3 – The Taco Truck Delivered
There isn’t anything that quite compares to the amazingness of tacos. They are both cheap and delicious making them a great choice for broke college students. Now a days you can actually bring the taco truck to your dining room with this clever taco stand. Not only is it a really cool kitchen gadget to impress your friends, but it is a functioning piece, holding your tacos upright while you stuff them full.

#2 – A Hidden Stash Jar
While I wouldn’t recommend buying one of these suckers that resemble a soda can just because if your roommate tries to drink it, which may very well happen, all of your secrets are now known. It is important for you to have a secret stash spot for you to store extra money, precious jewelry, or anything else you may not want people to know you have.

#1 – Silence is Golden
Whether you like your dormmates or not, there will be a time that you need peace and quiet. This is the product that will give you just that. If you are doing homework, studying, trying to sleep or anything else that requires silence just slip on these bad boys and continue on with your work.

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