Mar 28, 2017
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Amazing Collection of Totally Creative and Artistic Cars

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From the most colorful & beautiful cars to creative car mods you won’t believe even ancient civilization inspired paint job on a BMW!

2014 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet
8. This art car was designed by pop artist Michael Perez. He painted culturally relevant art and made his way into the art car industry with this car. He did this beautiful design work on the 2014 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet. The design is beautiful and full of flowing colors, depicting a fashion based image while also depicting abstract details and designs. This car is a true work of art made in a modern fashion.

2011 Tesla Roadster Art Car
7. This is the 2011 Tesla Roadster. The artwork of this car takes on a psychedelic theme, and it was designed by an artist named Laurence Gartel. This car is another car that uses the car wrap for its design. That doesn’t stop the artwork of this car from being beautifully intricate and complex. Gartel has over 30 years of experience in the world of graphic design, and this is one of his finest works to date and has made waves in the world of art cars.

Vochol Volkswagen Art Car
6. The Vochol Volkswagen is a truly masterful art piece. It is intricately decorated with over two million beads of various colors, all coming together to form what you see before you now. On the car, there is imagery showing the Eye of God which is the symbol which looks like a whirling sun. This car was designed by the people of Mexico to celebrate 200 years of independence as well as 100 years passing since the Mexican Revolution. This car is not only culturally relevant but culturally significant and without a doubt, a beautiful piece of art.

BMW Z1 Art Car
5. This visually stunning car is the BMW Z1 art car designed by A.R. Penck. The artist himself is from the continent of Australia and the artwork and designs on this car reflect that clearly. The imagery used on the car is based on aboriginal cave painting and it is all depicted in a tradition aboriginal style, giving the car a look of having painted like a cave wall. The historical and cultural relevance of this vehicle is shocking, and it helps bring awareness to the aboriginal people of Australia, who are in fact the oldest civilization to exist on Earth today. This brings their culture into the world of art and therefore brings awareness to it.The design is beautifully executed on a beautiful vehicle.

BMW 3 Series FLUIDUM Art Car
4. This is the BMW 3 Series FLUIDUM art car. This beautiful example of translucent artwork was done by artist Andy Reiben. The artist put countless hours into the intricate design. This car boasts an elaborate color scheme and a design which depicts little droplets of water coating the vehicle, giving it a look of racing through the rain. This coupled with the intricate color patterns makes it look as if it is meant to voyage through the stars.

Citroen DS3 Survolt Art Car
3. Cars built by Citroen are pieces of art in their own rights, and this one is no exception. Introducing the Citroen DS3 Survolt art car. The car is flowing with color, and it looks as if it were splashed with a variety of colors that flow into each other seamlessly. Flavio Melchiorre is the artist for the stunning piece of imagery. However, these cars are artistic on the outside as well as the inside. Within this vehicle new e-HDi micro-hybrid technology allowing for it to operate as a hybrid in the most efficient manner currently possible. Additionally, this car is not only a hybrid vehicle, but it also has the capability to become fully electric at the will of the driver. This is made possible by the zero fuel consumption and zero emission C-ZERO full-electric urban ride mode. The car is a marvel in the world of art cars and the world of cars in general.

The Phantom Art Car
2. The Phantom was originally made from a 1936 Bugatti Atlantic replica. It was built by W. T. Burge. Burge is a member of Truant studios and him, and his team took their Bugatti replica, a Volkswagen motor, and a few other choice parts and with all of that they made this beautifully crafted vehicle.It is designed to have gargoyle heads on all of the wheel and the eyes of the Gargoyles glow at night creating an ominous effect while driving. This is certainly a masterfully crafted art car.

“The Bone Car” Art Car
1. The difference between this car and the others on this list is that this is not a drivable vehicle. However, that does not take away from the beauty and craftsmanship that went into the making of this would-be-vehicle.This “Bone Car” was made by artist Jitish Kallat for the GEM Museum of Contemporary Art in the Netherlands. Now obviously the car is not made from bone, but it is made from a resin that is meant to emulate the look of bones, and it was done with intricacy and finesse. The car is a beautiful piece of work that will stand the test of time.

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