Feb 10, 2018
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19 Movie Endings That Seriously Pissed Off People

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Even great movies can have underwhelming ending.

“They killed off the wrong sister! I had read the book and brought my friend to see the movie. Towards the ends I was watching her to see her reaction when the healthy sister is killed…but no! They killed the sister with cancer. I had to hold back yelling at the movie screen as we were in the theatre.”

– katiec409c1e3f0

“I sat in the cinema for five minutes after the credits ended, going, ‘Aliens… really?!’ I know the series has done some otherworldly stuff before but the whole thing was convoluted and poorly executed. And the wedding at the end was totally unnecessary.” “The ending was ridiculous. There is no way she would have gotten away with everything so easily, I really hated it.”  – sarahp46fddde74

“It drives me crazy that Sandy changes herself for Danny (if you look REALLY closely, you can see Danny is wearing a cardigan, but he barely changed at all). Not to mention, they just drive away in a flying car. So annoying.”

– tessah4651f7336

“Watching that man shoot his family and everyone else in that vehicle but himself then seeing the Mist clear and rescue vehicles come through just infuriated me. Like, no. I literally sat there for what seemed like forever with my mouth hanging open thinking ‘What the fuck??? Why??!!!!!'”

– kswihart22

“Mother-effing La La Land. Figuratively took a baseball bat to my kneecaps, LITERALLY broke my heart, infuriated me, and ruined my evening.” “You spend the entire movie watching them be super childish and fight and they never even get back together, like WTF. My bf and I get mad every time we watch it.”

– amandap475a4ce9f

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