Dec 3, 2015
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16 Popular Holiday Desserts In Mason Jars

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Banana Monkey Bread

It’s the holiday season, and your oven is just as busy as you are. Not to worry! These scrumptious desserts  in jars don’t mind at all. 

In the large effort to cut corners in the kitchen, many holiday party hosts have grasped pre-made pie crusts. But why not take it a little step further and skip the whole oven baking process too? Mason jars are a superb way to serve up no-bake versions of your favorite holiday desserts.

Not to mention, your guests will be able to take home their dessert if they’re not ready for the next course, and the no-mess convenience of eating from a Mason jar makes it easy to move dessert into the living room.

Now that we’ve almost persuaded you that there are sensible reasons to serve pie in a jar, lets be honest with ourselves ,they are just adorable! 

No-Bake Pumpkin Pie: This no-bake pumpkin pie from Life, Love and Sugar has us wondering what the etiquette is on licking the jar clean. Get Recipe

No-Bake Caramel Pecan Cheesecake: Adorable, delectable, and in this case low-carb! Why not make two? Get Recipe

Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie: OK, maybe you’re not so worried about avoiding your oven. Or maybe you just love anything in a jar! (We sure do.) This chocolate-chip pecan pie from Big Bear’s Wife is for you. Get Recipe

Shortbread Eggnog Pudding Trifle: No more fitting “pickers” for the best part of the trifle. This single serving eggnog pudding trifle from Sprinkle Bakes is all yours. Get Recipe

No Bake Peanut Butter Pie: You can either eat it, or put googly eyes on it and make it a pet, because it’s adorable! Get Recipe

Lemon Meringue Cake Jars: If you need to cut a heavy meal with something tart, refreshing, and delicious, these lemon meringue cake jars are ideal. If you want to skip using the oven, why not try a no-bake graham cracker crust instead? Get Recipe

S’mores Cake Jars: If you don’t have a fireplace ideal for snuggling and roasting marshmallows, why not try these s’mores cake jars instead? This recipe from How Sweet It Is uses chocolate cake, but if you want to avoid baking entirely, you could swap in chocolate or even a chocolate ganache. Get Recipe

Banana Cream Pudding: Everyone loves banana cream pudding. If they don’t, they’re obviously just wrong. With a Nilla wafer crust, it couldn’t be easier to assemble. Get Recipe 

Blackberry Curd Cheesecake: Just because they’re cute doesn’t mean they aren’t sophisticated. This great recipe from Use Real Butter would make a wonderful final note to a holiday meal. Get Recipe 

Monkey Bread: OK, OK, we know you’re trying to avoid using your oven, but your very own little jar of monkey bread? That would make anyone go bananas. Get Recipe

Cherry Crisp: No holiday dessert menu is complete without a cherry crisp. Just make sure you leave enough room at the top for a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Get Recipe

Butterscotch Pot De Creme: Classy pudding is always in season, but add butterscotch and you’ve got the perfect wintery delight. Get Recipe

No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake: Because obviously no one can resist a definite classic! Sink your teeth into one of these! Get Recipe

No Bake Banoffee Pie: Toffee, banana, and cream — these mini-banoffee pies are the ultimate indulgence. Get Recipe

No Bake Key Lime Pie: It may not be quite seasonally appropriate, but no one will care once they taste it. Get Recipe

Lattice Topped Peach Pie: And just in case you want to go all out with these mini-pies, Alana Jones Mann has a great tutorial on how to make lattice-topped Mason jar pies. Get Recipe

You can’t go wrong with any of these recipes that’s for sure! Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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