Mar 22, 2017
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15+ Craziest Gym Fails

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From women wearing heels during their workout to the dumbest & funniest things people do at the gym, these are the craziest fails!

15. Crossfit Fail
The crossfit program is one of the more intense workout routines you may come across during your life while trying to get ripped. But it really looks like this lady didn’t do something right or maybe she is. In this case, it’s unclear whether the pain was worth the gain!

14. Proper Usage?
Hmm this doesn’t appear to the right way to use this device. You have to wonder if someone will let her know. Since working out is such a big learning experience, it’s probably better just to wait and see if she figures it out on her own.

13. Friendly Spotter
We’ve already seen what it looks like when guys get a little too close when it comes to getting a spot but let’s see how it looks with two girls. For some reason it doesn’t quite seem as awkward. Strange how there’s double standards on that Safety does come first and her friend doesn’t mind lending her a few extra hands.

12. Aerobic Step Fail
This aerobic step workout routine was getting pretty intense and this guy just had an intense wipeout. Only his friend was there to witness this embarrassing mess up take place, but this guy needs to step up his game or he’ll be missing out on some gains. His next big step, will be staying on

11. Getting Creative
While it’s good to confuse your muscles occasionally but doing some new workout routines, you clearly won’t be seeing this guy on any infomercials anytime soon selling videos on this strange workout. This guy seems like he almost built some type of gym automobile and he’s just asking for a fail at any moment.

10. Gym Stalkers
Don’t mind him everyone, he’s just watching. Anyone out there consider making up random workouts just so you can get a little closer to the hot girl lifting? Well this guy was just straight up creepin and not even trying to hide it. He’s not even wearing gym attire for crying out loud! You can’t blame him for wanting to look but you’re scaring them all away!

9. Movin’ In For the Kill
Finally after countless minutes of staring and inconspicuously following this girl around the gym, this guy might have finally worked up the courage to ask her an awkward question about her workout and diet routine. But she already saw him squats a few minutes earlier and now she sees him suspiciously close to her on the row machine. But what he doesn’t realize is that her boyfriend benching 500 pounds is right across from you.

8. Tunnel Vision
Other guys like this man in the photo might try a combination of both working out and just being blatantly obvious that they’re checking out to see if your in proper form. It’s called peripheral vision folks! Look it up!

7. Gym Center Fail
No one’s actually at the gym to like work out or anything. Come on.. It’s the 21st century. Who uses stairs anymore when there’s actually a perfectly good escalator that can escort you to the top, This should boost your energy and allow you to complete more text messages between sets.

6. Getting Prepared
People go to the gym occasionally to get them in shape for sports, physically demanding job and of course to look good. So don’t judge this woman for getting some practice walking in those stilettos and her tight dress. She’ll be in much better shape to bar hop then you will be and you won’t see her walking around barefoot in the street complaining about how her feet hurt either!

5. Inclined Squat
This lady knows all too well that doing squats in high heels engages many different muscles groups that one wouldn’t normally reach with flat shoes. Whatever she’s been doing seems to be working for her

4. Baby Squat
Fathers who have extra time to lift some serious weight like to get their kids involved as well. Maybe some day this will be like his daddy and squat an impressive weight.

3. Leg Day Everyday
Some people are extremely afraid to miss a leg day, so much so, they might over compensate and over do it. This might be a rare case where missing a leg day is recommended.

2. Wifi Gym Connection
You might think more and more people seem to be coming to gyms nowadays for using wifi or for posting to their social media that their going to go to the gym so it appears as though they’re health conscious. Turns out what has really been going on is that people enjoy getting good thumb workouts between reps. What chick doesn’t want a dude with bulging thumb muscles, right?

1.Complete Destruction
Finally, while you’re at the gym, you need to do you best not to break anything! It’s not exactly sure what happened with this guy but he must have clearly broken form or something and the entire weight set came crumbling down! When will people learn to follow gym etiquette more properly.

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